National Judge – Gail Langley


Gail’s formal training lies in agriculture, banking, education, and counselling with international and Australian involvement in agriculture, building social rural entities, working as an Australian Counselling Association member dealing with children, youth, families and health within the school education system.

Gail has lived and worked in small rural and larger regional areas – working at different times on the land and professionally employed in towns.

She has held numerous positions for the local NSW Farmer organisation’s, was a Board Member on the local Lyndon House Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre and belonged to the local Aboriginal Education Council.

Previous judging experience includes judging for the Sydney Royal Agricultural Show Society in regional and rural areas. In turn, Gail is familiar with the other side of judging – being awarded 3 Carbon Cocky Awards in 2014:  Finalist National Carbon Cocky of the Year, Outstanding Innovation/Invention and Outstanding Performance in Carbon Sequestration.