King Island reigns as Australia’s most sustainable community

30 July 2022

KAB Awards

Keep Australia Beautiful has announced the Tasmanian finalist King Island as the winner of the 2022 Australian Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns Awards, at an event hosted by last year’s winner Hastings, Victoria on Saturday 30 July 2022.

Running nationally since 1990, the Australian Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns Awards have evolved to encompass projects and initiatives with a focus on environmental sustainability and resource management to reflect a growing awareness of the importance of community-led environmental action. The Tidy Towns name has always been synonymous with community pride, cohesion and above all, community action. The awards reach beyond tourism to encourage, motivate and celebrate the sustainability achievements of grassroots rural and regional communities across Australia.

King Island was also the winner of the Environmental Sustainability – Energy category and the Environmental Sustainability – Natural Environment Management.

King Island’s The Green Team was awarded winner of the Young Legends (Group) category.

Australian Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns judge Gail Langley said the town – anchored in the

middle of Bass Strait between Victoria and Tasmania’s north-west – is one of Australia’s undiscovered island retreats.

“King Island is rich in history and wild beauty. This tiny piece of paradise produces some of Australia’s finest natural foods,” commented Ms Langley.

“Although idyllic in every aspect, the King Island community and Council are also realistic, acknowledging their future challenges of managing growth, enhancing the environment and balancing services.

“The community demonstrates an enormous passion for their unique environment and ancestry, exemplifying the concept of sustainability. It is a resourceful place, with the island’s services mostly run by volunteers.”

Val Southam, Chief Executive Keep Australia Beautiful commended all the finalists in this year’s Awards.

“Entrants in the Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns competition, who are largely volunteers, are some of the most dedicated and passionate people we are fortunate enough to be involved with.

“In addition to a healthy dose of competition, the awards bring together community leaders, environmental champions, young legends and waste warriors from every corner of our great country to share experiences, learn from and inspire each other

“This is the true Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns spirit.”


Australian Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns Winners Table 2022



Highly Commended


King Island

Dame Phyllis Frost Litter Prevention

Western Australia

Resource Recovery and Waste Management

New South Wales

Western Australia

Heritage & Culture

Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa)
Northern Territory

Young Legends: Group

The Green Team
King Island, Tasmania

Young Legends: Individual

Bart Maxwell Turgoose
Horsham, Victoria

Environmental Sustainability - Energy

King Island

Environmental Sustainability - Water

South Australia

Environmental Sustainability - Natural Environment Management

King Island

Environmental Communication and Engagement

South Australia

Community Health, Wellbeing and Interest

Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa)
Northern Territory





Judge Contact:
Gail Langley

National Media Comment:
Val Southam, Chief Executive, Keep Australia Beautiful 0419 016 401



About the Australian Sustainable Communities Awards

Keep Australia Beautiful seeks to lead, challenge and inspire all Australians to strive for a sustainable and litter free environment. It does this through research, communications programs and awards programs.

Its national awards are known as the Australian Sustainable Communities – Tidy Towns Awards. The Awards program commences with state and territory awards and culminates in a national Grand Final event.